Kazakhstan REVOLTS Against Its Authoritarian Government After Vaccine Passport Mandates

As of this month, Kazakhstan revolted against its government over a vaccine mandate that froze the bank accounts of the citizens who had not been vaccinated. Protests started taking place all around KZ on January 2nd, the starting point being Zhanaozen, Mañğystau region.

Despite the revolt starting last week, the likelihood is that you have not heard this story – considering that this goes against the narrative that the government always acts in the interest of its people when it comes to mandatory vaccinations.

The media, such as BBC news, has stated that this is due to the massive rise in gas prices. This however is not the case, with anonymous sources coming forward stating that this is indeed to do with the government’s dictator-like approach to COVID-19.

The result of this revolt has lead to the Kazak President and Prime minister fleeing the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin, has sent reenforcements into the former Soviet Union state to stabilise the riots.

Additionally, according to the Washington Post, Kazakhstan troops, who were given ‘shoot to kill orders’, were responsible for 164 civilian deaths (one of which was a 4 year old girl). Troops were also spotted wearing fake UN peacekeeping helmets during the protest – bringing forward questions to why the Kazak government was trying to frame the UN in this attack. Should the Kazak government even deserve to have a place within the UN Human Rights Council?

While Kazahkstan fell, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrenies fell due to the restrictions put against it by the Kazak Government. Since then and now, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba INU and many others are slowly starting to bounce back to an average of 50% recovery from where they fell.

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