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– What does becoming a member entail?

Being a member of our movement is relatively easy, so is enrolling – unless you plan to use our movement against its core libertarian values. The one true objective is to promote our views to the point where we are able to break 2 party systems and begin a new way of thinking in politics – “Do my political beliefs intrude on the freedom of others? If so, maybe I should accommodate for others who may disagree with my views and not dictate over their life choices”. So many people agree with libertarianism but they have never heard of it, especially in European nations.

– Are Liberty Uprising members left wing or right wing?

The political standing is libertarian leaning, which means that the social politics of our members can be fluid. The polar opposite of our politics would be a communist/socialist/fascist dictatorship; the further you find yourself from that, the better suited you will be for our movement. The great thing about our politics is the fact that you can be libertarian leaning + anything you want.

– Do you have to be a libertarian to be in Liberty Uprising?

Not really. The criteria would be that you’d best be suited to the group if your politics were libertarian leaning. This isn’t a contest over who is the most libertarian.

– What benefits are there in becoming a member of Liberty Uprising?

As a member of Liberty Uprising, you will be able to represent the movement against government authoritarianism. Liberty Uprising offers a sense of community and unity towards a common goal. The more you do to support the cause, the more you will be rewarded for your activism. We look to hand out badges to merit those who promote our cause and push us further towards our goal of freedom from government dictation within our private lives. For example: you will receive a badge for shouting our name on national television, you can also be able to receive one for raising a large sum of money for charity. We use the proceeds in order for Liberty Uprising to grow larger and reach more people.

Follow the steps below to become a member.

Membership is £10 per annum.

1. Type in your name, email address in the required fields.

2. In the message field, type (in the following order):

-Date of birth
-Phone Number

3. Hit Submit.

4. Wait for a member of our team to get back to you for confirmation. Membership entry for 1 year is free until 31/1/22.

Membership fee (Annual)

Please provide evidence of payment if your name and paypal are different.


Alternatively, donate an amount of your choice here