Our Core Values

1. We are a libertarian-leaning organisation. We are not left wing, we are not right wing. People with libertarian-leaning views can be libertarian + hold whatever personal beliefs they like, as long as it doesn’t interfere with or contradict our cause.

2. We aim to create a culture of critical thinking and questioning everything. Everything can be discussed and debated.

3. We are a non-violent movement. While violence is morally wrong, if we did choose to use violence then it would only deter from our cause and taint it with a negative image.

4. When we mention the political establishment, we don’t just talk just about left wing socialists/communists that want to implement a set of laws in place to make everyone completely equal and assume that people can work as a collective (like ants) and share everything. There is a greater power that covers those who are right wing too. Why are all the vaccine passport regulations the same in every country? Because there is a greater power than the left wing establishment.

5. So much is said against the political establishment but nothing is done. Those who actively oppose it will just talk about hypocrisy within logic etc. This mostly applies for political pundits (mainly people on the right, like Ben Shapiro) who will simply point out the fact that things like COVID restrictions are just a case of ‘one rule for us and another for the ruling class’ and then nothing else happens. We look to meet them with equal force. As per the 2020 elections and the proven tampering with the votes in swing states and the constant censorship of those testifying against the election, we cannot rely on voting to make a change.

6. We are assertive within our actions. We are not an aggressive movement

7. Our stance on racism: We are all proud of our individual nationalities, our governments does not reflect the values of our respective nations. Government is the single biggest killer in history, regardless of race or religious beliefs. We can only heal when we accept that government is to blame and stop pointing the finger at people’s skin colour. Government forced segregation and supported slavery, not the taxpayer.