The Long-term Psychology of Lockdowns – How Lockdowns May Mentally Break Us Down Into Government Worshipping Slaves

“Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it,”

– Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of the Nazi Party

Liberty Uprising represents the fight against Lockdowns. Lockdowns are essentially the enemy of a free society where people have the right to choose to either live life as normal or shelter themselves from the virus and take the steps necessary. It is not natural for people to live their entire lives caged within 4 walls 24/7. Who should bare the right to close down the country and incriminate those who do not wish to follow such a tall and inhumane demand?

Before we take a dive into the negative effects caused from lockdowns, how exactly would a government create such a precedent where people are not just eager to trust their government but to shame those who do not follow the government and (in some cases) turn them in to the police.

Step 1 – Fearmongering Via The Media

An obvious motivator, whenever fear is presented in the media then it can be very easy for some people to spiral down into the pit of despair. Some people will naturally fall at the first hurdle in life, especially if they are young and naïve – many of whom lack critical thinking skills too. For others people who are not so easily mislead, smarter tactics will need implementing – such as misreporting COVID statistics.

Step 2 – Fraudulent Statistics

Misreported COVID statistics were a huge factor for justifying the unlawful lockdowns. One of the most notable techniques was when anyone who tests positive for COVID and dies within 28 days (regardless of any pre-existing illnesses) is marked down as a COVID death, simply so our politicians can use the exaggerated statistics when they try to call for more restrictions on the count of how deadly the virus is. A more recent example would be that obesity is not included as a factor for those who have died of COVID – when in fact it’s a huge factor. COVID is a virus that affects the respiratory system, so those who become easily out of breath will be affected worse than those who are on the healthy balance of the BMI scale. In this age, it is not politically correct to state that an obese person is unhealthy so they leave that out of the COVID reports when it comes to reporting the COVID deaths of those under 60 with no pre-existing conditions – all coalited for scary fraudulent statistics so politicians can fearmonger and lecture the public.

Step 3 – More Media Fearmongering – But This Time The Virus Is Much Worse and If You Even Think Of Going Outside You Are Going To Kill Grandma!

Now the fraudulent statistics are in place and people are scared by the jumped up numbers, its now time for a short break from government control so we can all thank the government for giving us our freedoms back (temporarily). This is better known as ‘Waves of Terror’ where the situation improves temporarily only for it to get much worse afterwards, then for the situation to improve and get then get even worse and so on… Each wave will make it easier for people to follow the government, the societal equivalent of the common cartoon gag of attaching food on the end of a fishing rod and sticking the fishing rod onto someone’s head and have them chase the food that they will never catch – and from time to time handing the food over to them just so it feels like their goal of ‘back to normal’ is obtainable.

In this specific case, we have the Delta variant of COVID. The variant so bad that the experimental vaccine your government made you take (else you’re not allowed to fly or go into certain venues ever again) is completely useless – like your mandatory face nappy/diaper.

Step 4 – Any Criticism Against The Lockdowns Are Just Ramblings Of Conspiracy Theorists

How could anyone think to conspire against the public? If you think that the government isn’t your friend then you must be a conspiracy theorist internet blogger that binges Qanon posts and thinks that the world is flat. Believing that aliens exist is perfectly normal but God forbid if you think that Amazon’s record high lockdown profits aren’t just a mere coincidence! Conspiracy theories are detrimental to critical thinking, unless they are ridiculous and counterproductive – or if they dont make any sense to why someone would conspire in such a way, like claiming that Hitler isn’t really dead etc.

In this case, we have issues rising that are barely talked about – such as an estimated 25% of under 17 year olds self harming during lockdown with 7% of under 17 year olds having attempted suicide during lockdown – we have to assume that not all cases are linked directly to lockdown but there have been severe rises in teenage self harming cases. All this is according to a recent study taken by the Millenium Cohort Program. To name a few other issues, there have been delays in cancer treatment, rise in alcoholism, domestic abuse, overdoses, homelessness, bankruptcies and a starved economy. Everyone pays a price, apart from the political overseers of the pandemic – who meet up during lockdown, ignore mask mandates and social distancing rules (for example: Obama’s 60th birthday) and live life as normal.

Step 5 – Contradictories and Pure Nonsense

As the forever waves of terror loop continues and the lies and false reporting ensues, politicians, the global elite and their media lackeys will purposely cause mass confusion over the future of their nation. Lie after lie after fake promise after lie, as politicians do. This is all on purpose. This is designed to confuse the public so they will not know what to believe. Confusion will enable the descent into accepting totalitarianism as the new normal in order to obtain a false sense of security.