Our Freedoms Were Taken Away …Why Should We Be Made To Earn Them Back?

“Can anybody point me to that one time in history where the side that was demanding censorship, segregation, propaganda, radical education, papers to move freely in society, plus government forces going door to door to demand compliance were the good guys?”

– Candice Owens

Our goal is to live in a society where the government does not have the political power to shut down the country. This, however, is a tall order and will not be easy fulfilling. All we can do is get together and make ourselves heard. Make it clear that we will not accept another lockdown, nor will we adhere to mask mandates or any other COVID restrictions that kills our economy and ruins lives.

Furthermore, we demand the following:

  1. No new lockdowns.
  2. No COVID restrictions.
  3. People have the right to CHOOSE whether to inject themselves with the experimental vaccines currently going around and be treated equally without discrimination.
  4. People have the right to CHOOSE whether or not they wish to wear a mask. Making someone wear or not wear a mask against their personal preferences is completely unethical.
  5. Keep the tier system only as a reference to local COVID rates – supply the guidelines but let people choose what to do based on those guidelines – Tiers go from 1 (low risk) to 5 (high risk).
  6. If people wish to isolate or live in a personal lockdown then they maintain the right to do so (given that the tier level is Tier 2 or above and they would have to register – for welfare/benefit fraud reasons).

But what about the strain on socialised healthcare?

Nationalised health care (in theory) belongs to the people. So ultimately its a service in which you, the taxpayer, pays for so if you overwhelm it then that’s on you – its your healthcare. If it’s an important factor for you then take whatever precautions necessary. Also there is no solid evidence that lockdowns actually work. People still meet up in lockdowns, except it’s all at one place, the local supermarket, where people are free to spread COVID to each other and breathe in the same COVID-y air.

Some people are dirty and unclean and they super-spread the virus. What should be done about them?

The better question would be what entitles you into thinking you have to ‘do something’ about people you don’t like? Humans are complicated and a lot of them suck. As for dirty people who are generally unclean, just stay away from them. You have a right to not have to share close proximity to those you don’t want to be near. Also you can take personal precautions where you simply clean something before you touch it (as per government guidelines). The existence of terrible people does not give you the right to go off and start the fourth Reich.

I have family members/friends who I see regularly that are critically susceptible to the virus. Why do you want to put them at risk?

Nobody wants to kill your family members who are vulnerable to the virus. Simply take all the precautions necessary, as you have every right to do this. However you do not have the right to intrude onto the rights of other people by forcing them to stay indoors.

Surely if we all worked together, together we could defeat the virus

That is a lot of blind trust for you to put into the government. The same corrupt and lazy government that starts never-ending wars and foreign conflict. The same government that caused the refugee crises is now telling you to stay indoors – might it be common sense to question the moral standing of the government and whether or not they know what’s best for you?

Working as a collective does not work for humans, it works for ants but that’s about it. Humans are too individual to collectively comply – especially since the government rules have become more and more complicated and the idea of back to normal keeps going further and further away.

Its clear that the virus isn’t going anywhere, individually we will need to learn to cope with it in the same way we cope with all the other viruses out there.